January 25, 2012

Back From The Dead

I'd like to tell you that Ang and I have had some sort of awakening and that we will be posting more regularly but that simply isn't the case.  If we only update this thing once every six months you should consider yourself lucky and know that the post will be most epic.

2011 was a rad year - here is a recap in photos:

We slayed it in Hawaii and even met up with my folks while there

Purchased a new home and performed a little interior decorating

Celebrated a 1st Birthday

 Caught a couple games at Petco Park
(Check out the creepster goatee behind us)

Flew our niece out for a few days for her birthday
Scoped the Zoo Safari Park, SeaWorld and the SD Zoo


We stopped in Vegas at Hash House and dined on a torso sized pancake

 Got stung by a bee while trying to eat it

 Spoiled Zooey beyond belief


This is how Zooey sleeps sometimes

 Spent a few days in Boise & McCall for our Anniversary


 Caught a Saves The Day show

 Halloween'd up the house

Toured the USS Midway with Bob and Dorothy

 Celebrated our first Christmas in the new house


Rachel said...

2011 treated you well. Miss and love you guys. Can't wait to see you in the summa!!! (hopefully)

Heather said...

Nice update. So excited to KNOW someone who's experienced Hash House- I assume you approve it. Jon and I are going to Vegas in May to celebrate turning 30, being married 6 years, and to get away before baby 2 arrives- ANYWAYS, I have been researching restaurants- coming up with a good list of places to eat, and after seeing Hash House on Man VS Food I was like, "We're going there for breakfast!" Let me know what you recommend! :0) Hope you two have a great 2012.